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Moving Your World

Moving house from Geneva to Nyon is not the same as relocating a laboratory from Switzerland to Singapore. A bedside table is not the same as an electronic microscope. Your Labrador is not an object and you are not just a number. This is why we have created MS-Group.

Since 1953, we have been cultivating our exceptional service, accumulating experience, demonstrating our capabilities and dreaming up solutions to help our clients relocate their life - all with a wave of our magic wand.

In order to achieve this, we have created five specialised groups, each focused on excellence and innovation. Below are our specialisations.


MS Group Wishes You a Happy New Year!

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  • Networks, tact, flexibility, professionalism

    Benefit from the advice of our specialists who will work to realise even your smallest wishes, as well as those you have not yet thought of.

    Supported by an international network built over time, there are no limits on timetables, country borders or the types of jobs you can entrust to us.

    We can make even the most complex or distant move a simple formality. What a stylish way to be part of a moving world!

    Whenever, and wherever, you can always change, postpone, add to and adapt your contract by following the steps shown online with the Internet application developed by us.

  • Punctuality, precision, efficiency, diplomacy

    We will take you under our wing, both you and your loved ones.

    We help define your needs, then we plan, mark out, organise, advise, set up and support you. We strive to anticipate your desires, with a constant focus on detail.
    Moving house is not just moving objects but your whole world.

    We will exceed your expectations by taking charge of the things that may escape you.
    For the lady of the house: your worries, your need for security, reassurance, peace of mind, for you and your children, for your world.

    For the man of the house: your concentration, efficiency, your confidence in the company.

    We will be like a personal butler for you: attentive, punctual, precise, pleasant and indispensable. All this to ensure that your career remains the shining light for your family, so your dream can continue.

  • Discretion, confidentiality, availability

    You can ask us for anything in the world, except the moon! By turning to MS Personal Services, you are ensuring exclusive handling of your personal assets.

    Both day and night, we will fiercely guard your assets until they reach their destination. The five continents are our favourite playground; the stars and the skies are your haven.

  • Speed, method, care, experience, professionalism

    Do you want to be able to announce a successful move without having to admit to a hernia, lumbago, an amputated toe or the destruction of your grandmother's Ming vase... or all of the above at the same time? We have mastered every part of our demanding profession, from careful wrapping to handling, and from transporting to storing your items.  And we have been doing this for sixty years!

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  • Culture, brilliance, reliability

    You bet we can!

    This is what we say to nearly all your requests, even the most unusual ones. Nothing is impossible for our team of experts. Nothing is too complex or fragile, too precious or confidential, and nothing, in our eyes, is more important than your possessions! And if a part of your project is still uncertain, we will study it, consult and find a solution to take away your worries.


MS Group Services Head Office

Z.I. Moulin-du-Choc B
1122 Romanel-sur-Morges

Phone: +41 21 869 00 33
Fax: +41 21 869 00 20